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We help companies in their digital transformation

We are a technology engineering company specialized in digital transformation of companies and everything that implies such as the development and design of web pages, custom software, applications with databases, digital marketing, audio production, interactive virtual tours In 360º, advertising, graphic design and much more.

The Cloud Work Techonlogies serves as the parent company from which our business group TCW-GROUP was born betting on different lines of business. The markets where we are investing our efforts are cloud technology (The Cloud Work Technologies), interactive travel (Travel & Met), 3D printing (NIR3D), heritage investment and real estate (TCRE), drones and productions (The Cloud Productions), ecology and renewable energy (The Cloud Energy), sustainable education (The Cloud Education) and advertising radio experiences.

Our international aspirations have made us gradually established in countries such as Cuba, Thailand, Cambodia, Morocco and Cape Verde providing quality technology to these places. From the small worker in Marraketch to the big employer in Bangkok.

Transformando Vidas Digitalmente

Your company in the cloud

Customers, invoices, invoices, budgets and everything you need for your company from € 25 / month. Download the dossier of our software in the cloud from here. Automatic sending of invoices to the manager and clients, infinite hard disk in our cloud and 12 backups a day.

Software Engineering

In addition to all of the above, we develop all types of pages and applications for companies, individuals and corporate organizations, either to improve the image or to develop web applications or custom software, we are engineers, trust us, we put your problems in the center.

Marketing and Graphic Design

Marketing is becoming more important and a good management of the digital ecosystem is of vital importance, we design and make effective campaigns either through software, your new website or social media management, why separate the management of the image?


What can we help you with

Cloud Billing

Our strong point, call us!

Counseling and Management

We help you in your transformation ;)


We reinvent ourselves and dream together


The one who does not try.

Web Sites

As if we were tailors! To suit you!

Mobile apps

Apps in iOS, Android or W. Phone ^^

Online Stores

Sell around the world

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About The Cloud Work

Digital transformation for all

  • 2014-2015

    Primal Grains

    With the early incorporation of Gonzalo to the labor market this began to observe the Technological deficiency of the Spanish SME and began to work in the design of web pages and applications for local companies ...

  • november 2015 - february  2016

    Taking shape

    After the passage of the months and the continuous increase of clients we began to take this seriously of selling software and web development for companies, we set up our first web page called Technoproject and while Gonzalo finished the courses of Engineering in Software and computer engineering continued learning like Impregnate the Spanish SME quality software ...

  • APRIL 2016

    Creation of The Cloud Work

    We started thinking that it was possible a way to bring Software Engineering closer to companies and create a working ecosystem for all, in a single space ... "la nube del trabajo", to its English counterpart The Cloud Work! ... We started believing !!

  • May 2016

    The Overflow

    Like all the companies that begin to grow we undergo several stages of overflow due to our growth, with the passage of the weeks and the patience of our clients we managed to establish ourselves and to establish ourselves as the specialists of the zone of work ... we realized that We had grown enough to work seriously as a company.

  • september 2016 - November 2016

    Growing Hard!

    We invest in newspapers, buses and expand our staff, we start to settle as a company and our logo begins to know and our phones start to overflow ... this grows and grows ...;)

  • december 2016

    Overcoming Borders!

    First Chile, then Thailand ... The Cloud Work begins to meet outside our country and we begin to collaborate with foreign companies, which implies a change of perspective in the way we see what we do, we are different, we make our clients too So be it.

  • january 2017

    New Goals!

    We publish our annual budgets on our facebook and we will audit our accounts so that our clients know what the money is spent, in addition we will start to finance projects of other SMEs and Autonomous as well as startups, in addition we will strengthen our strategic relations in North Africa, of Thailand and Central Chile regions to favor our expansion.

    Be welcome to The Cloud Work Technologies S.L. :)
    Transparency, new goals and direction! Keep an eye on this article

  • february 2017

    Future Investment!

    We established strong business bases by partnering with major companies such as Energy Music Group, creating a business group under The Cloud Work Technologies S.L. Betting on clean technologies that we believe will change the world such as 3D printing, Drones and ecology. Our client base is growing constantly and our staff is becoming more solid ... how will we finish the first quarter of this exciting year?

  • march 2017

    The Takeoff!

    We open offices! A wonderful facilities of 170m2 available to Technology, creation and cooperation between companies. You're welcome! :)

    Do you want to see the inauguration of the facilities?

  • April 2017

    Networking Internacional!

    We think that a company that only makes money is a poor company, it is the construction of the network which brings added value. In April we began to invest time in meetings with entrepreneurs, networking and the internationalization of the company starting to work in Cape Verde, Cuba, Morocco ... In addition we were accepted in the BNI where every Wednesday we defend the image of our company and we try to expand by The world with more force.

  • the future

    is ours


We help, fund and advise you


If your project seems interesting but you need to advertise it, or you want us to invest in the project because you want it or you need a sponsor or holding to carry it out we have financing plans for projects and 15% of our annual budget is for this same, alone You must call us!


Maybe you do not know how to start, or you've been twisted and need to channel it ... or you just want help to give more solidity to your project, you need business and / or software consultancy in your company or project? Call us !!

We are One

Not only do we offer you financing or advice, we put all our momentum, equipment and infrastructure in promoting your project and we will water it so that it blooms like a flower of our garden. All our intellect, software and hardware at your disposal.

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Our greatest weapon

The traditional company has the days counted, welcome to the information age and small, optimized and efficient teams.

Gonzalo Pinto

CEO, Founder and Engineer

Tamara Romero

Marketing & RRPP Director

Maria Eugenia Astudillo

Project Director

Alicia Pinto

Layout designer

Fernando Teresa San Jose

Audiovisual Technical & Producer

Victor Ramírez

Drones Pilot

Elena Hernández

Administrative and Accounting


Sales Expert

Large corporations in the information age are not entirely necessary to transform lives and businesses. Our goal is to help the largest number of companies and individuals worldwide through sustainable cloud technology.


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